since 2006

Xiamen Innov Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

        Xiamen Innov Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 430525) is a high-tech group dedicated to technological innovation and product manufacturing of precision circuits, functional film materials and Internet of Things for a long time, providing first-class product solutions and technologies to users around the world Service makes human life more full of wisdom.

        Xiamen Innov was established in 2006. It has gathered a group of highly creative teams to gradually build its own core competitiveness in subdivisions. It has more than 100 domestic and foreign patents and other intellectual property rights, and has hosted or participated in the formulation of multiple National and industry standards. Currently, Xminnov is the leader of RFID fragile and tamper-proof electronic tags, the Electronic Tag Engineering Technology Research Center in Xiamen and the Internet of Things System Application Innovation Base.

        Xminnov always adheres to "innovation leads smart life" as the main line of corporate culture, adhering to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, common development, quality first, continuous innovation", and strives to become a "globally dependent IoT technology company".