Xiamen Wottop Technology Co., Ltd.

       Xiamen Wottop Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of a listed company on the New Third Board (Xminnov stock code: 430525), and a provider of system integration and big data services based on Internet of Things technology.With the accumulated rich experience in the field of consumer goods, and the Internet of things technology advantages of Xminnov technology, independent research and development based on RFID and sensor technology of "commercial freezer IoT management system", making the asset status unique, online real-time monitoring, fast acquisition and precise data analysis, the consumer goods industry is the best asset management tools.The company is committed to becoming a leader in the application of Internet of Things technology in the consumer goods industry.

       "Wottop" means "The world of things, expand the future", Wottop is derived from the enterprise vision of "be the Top of WOT, to become the leader of the application of Internet of Things technology industry".The core values of the company are pragmatism, focus and innovation, aiming to guide the company to uphold the truth, respect the objective law, focus on the established fields and goals, and keep the industry leading and the power of continuous progress through continuous innovation.